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a woman sits next to a cookstove with an open flame and smoke

Traditional Cookstoves: Fueling a Health and Climate Crisis?

Switching to cleaner cookstoves can save lives, cut carbon emissions, and promote gender equality. At COP27, world leaders should take steps to ensure universal clean cooking access by 2030.

by Benjamin Ritter and Kevin Karl |November 14, 2022
person cracking egg over electric stovetop

Why We Need to Ban Gas in New York State Buildings

Banning gas connections in new buildings would have significant health benefits, in addition to helping to curb climate emissions.

by Thomas Turnbull |September 30, 2022

The Damaging Effects of Black Carbon

Air pollution, both outdoors and indoors, causes millions of premature deaths each year. The deaths are mainly caused by the inhalation of particulate matter, especially black carbon. But black carbon not only has impacts on human health, it also affects visibility, harms ecosystems, reduces agricultural productivity and exacerbates global warming.

by |March 22, 2016

Millennium Villages Cookstove Program Honored for Supporting Community Needs

The Millennium Villages Project’s (MVP) Household Stove Program was recently given a special achievement award for “Meeting Community Needs” at the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum’s (PCIA) bi-annual meeting in Lima, Peru.  The award is “in appreciation and recognition of the MVP’s dedication to meeting community needs through household energy interventions,” and recognized the… read more

by |April 12, 2011