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A Dozen Things That Helped and Hurt Climate Progress in 2021

2021 may turn out to be the most critical year in our efforts to combat climate change. What things helped and what things hurt climate progress this year?

by |December 28, 2021

Sustainability Management Hits the Big Time

The scale of change needed to build a renewable resource-based economy is huge. We need both elected leaders and business leaders to get this job done.

by |November 29, 2021
Scenes from the final hours at COP26

After COP26 Cheers and Jeers, Some Hopeful Climate and Energy Undercurrents

Amid cheering and rage as the latest climate talks ended, there are heaps of issues and opportunities to work on in the months and years ahead.

by |November 17, 2021
Three of the Columbia Climate School’s co-founding deans — Alex Halliday, Ruth DeFries, and Jason Bordoff — pose for a photo with former president Barack Obama.

Photos: Columbia Climate School at COP26

By hosting and participating in a number of special events, scholars from the Columbia Climate School helped to shape the conversation at the UN climate summit. Here are a few highlights.

by |November 16, 2021
eduarda zoghbi at cop15

Beyond ‘Youthwashing’: How to Make Youth Representation at COP Meetings More Impactful

A student reflects on how far young people have come toward influencing the UN climate negotiations, and what needs to happen next.

by Eduarda Zoghbi |November 16, 2021

What Did COP26 Achieve?

Columbia Climate School experts say the results out of Glasgow are “a real mixed bag.”

by |November 15, 2021

Technology Not Treaties will Reduce Global Warming

Diplomacy has influence, but only the development and implementation of new technologies will end the climate crisis.

by |November 15, 2021

Leaders from Glaciated Regions Highlight Importance of Women, Youth, and Indigenous Peoples at COP26

They discussed adaptation strategies for mountain regions.

by |November 12, 2021

How Close Are We to Climate Tipping Points?

Will overshooting 1.5°C of warming push us over climate tipping points, triggering irreversible and abrupt changes?

by |November 11, 2021
leah thomas headshot

A Conversation With Leah Thomas, Intersectional Environmentalist

The eco-communicator discusses the intersections between climate and racial justice, and offers advice to the next generation of activists and educators.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |November 10, 2021