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Accelerating America’s Response to COVID-19

America is a diverse nation whose people hold a wide variety of beliefs and values. But surely, we can unite behind a national effort to defeat this virus and rebuild our national economy. Surely…

by |December 7, 2020

Looking Ahead With Hope as the Catastrophe Continues

The future I would like to see depends on the election tomorrow and on a unified national mobilization to finally address the COVID crisis.

by |November 2, 2020
two men installing solar panels

COVID Economic Recovery: What Might a Green Stimulus Look Like?

The current crisis has given us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle two monumental challenges at the same time.

by Eric Scheuch |September 25, 2020

Toward a National Response to the COVID Catastrophe

Health recovery is a prerequisite for economic recovery.

by |August 17, 2020

Scientific Literacy, Technology and COVID-19

We need a more mature and sophisticated approach to utilizing scientific expertise in decision-making.

by |August 3, 2020
child taking online classes

When and How Should Schools Reopen?

It’s one of the most complicated, difficult questions of the pandemic, and there are many ways to answer it, according to Earth Institute experts.

by |July 30, 2020
bicyclists in nyc

To Battle COVID and Climate Change, NYC Should Invest in Cycling

New York has the potential to be a model for how cities around the country can employ bicycling to improve environmental conditions and quality of life for residents.

by Josh Cooper |July 29, 2020
solar panels nuclear power sustainability science

New Online Tool Tracks Energy Investments During Economic Recovery

Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy has launched a website to track how pandemic recovery packages are shaping the future of energy and climate.

by |July 28, 2020
elephants in a field crossing a road

Africa’s COVID-19 Recovery Should Harness the Benefits of Nature and Conservation

As the theme for the International Day of Biodiversity states, “Our solutions are in nature.”

by Brighton Kaoma, Alice Ruhweza, and Jeff Worden |May 22, 2020
girl on video call

Absent: Prioritizing Recovery for Our Nation’s Schools

COVID-19 is exacerbating some of education’s long-neglected social issues and inequalities.

by Joshua L. DeVincenzo |April 20, 2020