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Texas Guardsmen assist a motorist stuck on snow and ice during extreme winter weather conditions in Abilene, Texas

How Unprecedented Was the February 2021 Texas Cold Snap?

A look at historical trends shows that extreme cold spells are relatively common during Texas winters. Maybe it’s time to start designing for it.

by James Doss-Gollin, David J Farnham, Upmanu Lall, Vijay Modi |March 16, 2021
cars moving long highways

The Danger of Infrastructure Incoherence

Over 70% of the American public favors Biden’s stimulus plan and I suspect a similar number will support an infrastructure bill that will rebuild our roads and restore employment.

by |March 1, 2021
wind farm on cloudy day

Modernizing New York’s Energy System

Wind projects such as the ones that will soon be built in New York have an important role to play in changing our energy system.

by |July 22, 2019