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A diverse group of young progessionals standing around in conversation

Finding Community in New York City’s Energy Scene

A student at the School of International and Public Affairs was pleasantly surprised by the range of attendees at a recent Young Professionals in Energy event in New York City.

by Bhavya Jha |April 27, 2023
wind turbines on a hilltop

Biden Should Keep Trump’s Reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act

Throwing out the changes could make the new administration’s climate initiatives harder to implement.

by David R. Hill |March 2, 2021
people holding signs protesting climate change

Should the European Union Fix, Leave or Kill the Energy Charter Treaty?

The outdated treaty is an obstacle to addressing climate change. A legal expert weighs the pros and cons of several pathways around it.

by Martin Dietrich Brauch |February 12, 2021
Low angle view of African American lab worker examining machine part while working in a lab.

U.S. Should Launch a National Energy Innovation Mission to Reach Climate Goals

A new report details a plan to kickstart energy innovation in the U.S.

by |September 15, 2020

Carbon Pricing for the Climate: How It Could Work

Most economists and policy experts agree that the most effective and cheapest way to curb the carbon dioxide emissions that are warming the planet is to “put a price on carbon.” How effective are carbon taxes and cap and trade programs?

by |June 27, 2016

What is the U.S. Commitment in Paris?

The United States has joined 185 countries in promising to curb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, develop other ways to mitigate the impacts and to make communities more resilient to climate change. So what exactly is the United States proposing to do?

by |December 11, 2015

Sustainability Has Entered the Political Mainstream

Environmental protection and economic development have been integrated into the single overarching idea of “sustainability.” These are centrist public policy positions in the mainstream of politics here in New York State.

by |October 12, 2015

How the Transition to Renewable Energy Could Come

In the United States, our political process sends us strong signals about what problems and proposals can achieve agenda status. Increased federal support for science and technology will not be easy, but unlike a carbon tax, it is capable of drawing bipartisan support.

by |June 15, 2015

A Carbon Tax Is Not Feasible or Practical

The idea behind the carbon tax is that by raising the price of fossil fuels, one promotes energy efficiency and, as fossil fuels become more expensive, renewable energy technologies will become more competitive. I am certain this is true. But few elected officials are going to advocate higher fossil fuel prices.

by |June 8, 2015

Fossil Fuels Do Far More Harm Than Nuclear Power

Pushker Kharecha and James E. Hansen write about their recent paper on the long-term health effects of nuclear power versus fossil fuels, and argue that nuclear power needs to be part of the solution to climate change.

by |April 15, 2013