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mountain peaks partially covered with snow and ice

Glacial Melting in High Mountain Asia Has the Potential to Overwhelm Hydropower Systems

Flooding in the region threatens hydropower projects and the safety of downstream populations.

by |February 10, 2023
An emerging proglacial landscape of the Tour glacier on Mont Blanc in the French Alps.

International Framework Aims to Protect and Manage Lands Recently Exposed by Glacier Retreat

As global temperatures increase, questions regarding how to sustainably manage and steward lands recently exposed by glacier retreat are arising. In response, a team of researchers has proposed an international framework that could address these questions while empowering local adaptations around the world.

by |June 2, 2022
Buildings in the Hunza Valley

Bridge Collapse in Pakistan Due to Glacier Lake Outburst Flood

Searing and unprecedented heat early in the year triggered a glacier lake outburst flood in Pakistan, destroying a bridge important for domestic tourism and international trade.

by |May 13, 2022

At a Melting Glacier, a Landslide, Then Tsunami, Signal Climate-Related Threat

A peculiar seismic signal was the first indication of a gigantic landslide and subsequent tsunami in the remote mountains of British Columbia. It detected what may be a growing climate-related threat.

by |April 6, 2022

Class Determines Vulnerability to Catastrophic Glacial Flooding in Northwest Pakistan

A recent study illustrates how low-status residents are left behind at the frontlines of worsening glacial flooding.

by |February 4, 2021
volcano in iceland

Fire and Ice: New Database Maps and Classifies the Dangers of Glacierized Volcanoes

A new study maps the world’s glacierized volcanoes and could help predict the dangers of future glaciovolcanism.

by |November 25, 2020
Patagonia glacier in Chile.

Ancient Data Provides Insights for Managing Future Flood Risks in Patagonia

Flood reconstruction in Patagonia allows for enhanced scientific understanding of glacier lake outburst floods, which are a major threat in mountain communities.

by |November 11, 2020
seismometer reading shows glof

Seismic Monitoring May Improve Early Warnings for Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A new study finds that real-time monitoring of ground motion could have detected a sudden and catastrophic flood in Bhutan five hours before it destroyed a village.

by Sarah Fecht and Ben Orlove |September 16, 2020

A Look at Climate-Caused Harms Unfolding in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca

Focusing on ice loss, glacier hazards, and water variability due to climate change, a new study highlights challenges for communities in Peru’s mountain cryosphere systems.

by |August 26, 2020

Iceland’s Most Active Volcano is Likely Headed for Another Eruption

Monitoring and data suggest the next eruption of the glacial volcano could be anywhere from days away to within the next year. Grímsvötn last erupted in 2011.

by |August 4, 2020