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Green forest with skyscrapers in the background.

Opinion: Why Environmentalists Should Oppose ‘Cop City’ and Defend the Atlanta Forest

A Sustainability Management graduate student discusses questions of environmental injustice in Atlanta, Georgia, as one county prepares to turn a large greenspace into a police training facility.

by Aditi Desai |February 24, 2023

The Revival of Tibbetts Brook: An Environmental Victory for the Bronx

The 21st century has seen enormous progress in understanding the importance of adding green space and utilizing ecosystem services in New York City. The Tibbetts Brook project will keep our water cleaner and provide a new mile-long green space in the southern Bronx.

by |January 23, 2023
people walk and bicycle in snowy central park

City Parks: A Lifesaver During COVID Winter

A study that explored winter park use among New Yorkers last year offers key insights into improving the mental wellbeing of urban dwellers as the pandemic merges with colder weather.

by Megan Maurer and Dan Poniachik |November 12, 2020
photos of New York City Highline

A Trip Along the High Line

The Highline, a park built on an old rail line on the lower West Side of New York City, pays homage to the area’s industrial past while providing locals and tourists alike with a place for repose.

by |April 10, 2012