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Traditional Water Management Practices in Pakistan Threatened by Climate Change and Globalization

A practice used to manage glacial water resources that is central to cultures in northern Pakistan is facing enormous transformation in the modern day.

by |January 20, 2022

COVID-19 Lockdowns Led to the Cleanest Snow Across Asia in 20 Years

Reduced air pollution led to cleaner snow in the Himalayas and Hindu Kush, with significant implications for water supplies for people across the Indus River Basin.

by |June 10, 2021

All-Nepali Team Makes History With First Successful Winter Ascent of K2

The triumphant tale of 10 Nepali mountaineers’ pioneering winter ascent of the second highest mountain in the world stands apart from historic mountaineering narratives dominated by white men.

by |February 18, 2021
Buildings on the banks of a river fall into a rushing flood.

Devastating Flood in Himalayas Highlights Risks of Development in the Era of Climate Change

Climate change and hydroelectricity power projects compounded the devastating destruction of the February 7 flood in Uttarakhand.

by |February 16, 2021

Dust May Beat Black Carbon at Speeding Up Snowmelt in the Himalayas

Tiny dust particles at high altitudes are having a greater effect on snow-darkening than previously thought, accelerating the loss of glaciers.

by |December 3, 2020

Leading Himalayan Organization Takes a Historical Step by Appointing a Leader From Bhutan

Pema Gyamtsho from Bhutan will be the first Asian to ever serve as director general for the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.

by |August 20, 2020
Two people are in a grassy pasture with six yaks. There are mountains and low clouds in the background.

Cheesemaking in Nepal Under Threat Unless Pastoralist Traditions are Revived

Cheese production in Nepal’s Langtang Valley is deeply enmeshed in the traditional practice of yak herding, which is undergoing a long-term decline.

by |August 12, 2020
pasang dolma sherpa

Pasang Dolma Sherpa, Indigenous Peoples Representative to the U.N., Speaks With GlacierHub

Around the world, Indigenous communities are losing their lands, livelihoods and culture to climate change. Sherpa is fighting to bring their voices to the United Nations.

by |July 21, 2020
ice core replica with glacier in background

Glaciers May Record the Story of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Reductions in human emissions and changes in atmospheric composition during the coronavirus pandemic might be observed in future glacial ice cores.

by |June 18, 2020

Melting of Himalayan Glaciers Has Doubled in Recent Years

A new study is the latest and perhaps most convincing indication that climate change is eating the Himalayas’ glaciers, potentially threatening water supplies for hundreds of millions of people across much of Asia.

by |June 19, 2019