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Hurricane Ian flooding aftermath

Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath: A Rising Death Toll and Questions About Preparedness

A disaster preparedness expert weighs in on the many factors that can complicate decisions around evacuations and preparedness.

by |October 5, 2022
house with boarded-up windows

How to Prepare for a Hyperactive Hurricane Season

What an “above average” hurricane forecast means, and how individuals and communities can be ready to ride out the possible storms to come.

by |June 16, 2022
hurricane evacuation sign

Why People Often Don’t Properly Prepare for Hurricanes

A new study looks at the mental biases that prevent people from taking adequate safety measures when a hurricane is on the way.

by |January 25, 2018

Eye on the Storm

Atmospheric scientist Adam Sobel is author of the new book “Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future.” Sobel was one of the first researchers to explain to media and the public what might be brewing, before the storm hit. In the aftermath, he looked closely at the factors driving the storm’s unusual ferocity, and how these played against human weaknesses. The book offers a primer on what drives storm systems, and what we know (and don’t) about their relation to warming climate. Sobel also looks into future weather, urban infrastructure and the politics of global climate change. He recently discussed some of his insights.

by |October 14, 2014

Building Resilience: Post-Sandy Resources for Journalists

Earth Institute scientists across many disciplines are playing key roles in helping New York move forward following Hurricane Sandy. Many were already advising the city about the potential effects of sea-level rise, storm surge, climate change and related issues before the storm hit, For better or worse, their predictions were vindicated, and they now continue efforts to help make infrastructure and population more resilient and sustainable.

by |August 15, 2013

NY State Prepares for Natural Disasters: A Q&A with Cynthia Rosenzweig

Cynthia Rosenzweig of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies talks about the work of the New York State Ready Commission, set up after Hurricane Sandy to study how the state can better prepare for natural disasters.

by |March 13, 2013
Map showing coastal areas likely to have been inundated by the storm surge resulting from Hurricane Sandy in relationship to residential population.

Sandy’s Surge Affected More Than 1.4 Million in 11 States

Based on a model used by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the map shows coastal areas likely to have been inundated by the storm surge resulting from Hurricane Sandy, in relationship to residential population.