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What Is Decarbonization, and How Do We Make It Happen?

To keep the planet from warming more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, economies must rapidly decarbonize. What will this involve?

by |April 22, 2022

Democrats in Congress Hold the Fate of the Planet in Their Slippery Hands

The Democrats must quickly pass the Infrastructure Bill and compromise on reconciliation. There is no time to spare.

by |October 11, 2021

Investing for Tomorrow Can Prevent Tragedy Today

If the Surfside Florida tragedy leads to actions that prevent future catastrophes, these deaths will not have been in vain.

by |July 6, 2021
cars moving long highways

The Danger of Infrastructure Incoherence

Over 70% of the American public favors Biden’s stimulus plan and I suspect a similar number will support an infrastructure bill that will rebuild our roads and restore employment.

by |March 1, 2021
collage showing leaves and construction equipment

World is Not on Track to Achieve Global Deforestation Goals

Progress requires large-scale development projects to increase transparency and inclusion of grassroots and Indigenous groups.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |November 25, 2020
car plugged into electric pump

Electric Vehicles and Decarbonization

Electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them are critical elements of a decarbonization strategy.

by |November 23, 2020

How We Will Turn It Around: Rebounding From America’s 2020 Nightmare

The pandemic and the western fires are examples of a catastrophic failure by America’s government to protect the public.

by |September 14, 2020

Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Investments Are Necessities, Not Luxuries

A clean and healthy environment and environmental justice are necessities and not luxuries.

by |June 8, 2020

How Climate Change Impacts the Economy

Warming temperatures, rising seas, and more extreme weather are going to cost us. But they’ll create new business opportunities, too.

by |June 20, 2019

Floods, Infrastructure and Climate Change

Climate change will require that we rebuild our flood control systems in new and creative ways. We will need more research on climate impacts to do this successfully and we will need to moderate the rate of those impacts to ensure that what we build doesn’t quickly become outdated.

by |June 3, 2019