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Climate Lawsuits Are On The Rise. This Is What They’re Based On.

A new report from the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the United Nations says that climate litigation has more than doubled in the last five years, and is expected to continue to increase.

by |August 9, 2023

Not So Sweet: Tanzania Confronts Arbitration over Large-Scale Sugarcane and Ethanol Project

The legal battle underscores the challenges that arise when governments, international investors, and the rights of local communities are at odds.

Internships Available at Center on Sustainable Investment

The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment is accepting applications until March 31 for internship positions for summer 2016. Interns are assigned to one or more projects depending on background and interests; unpaid and paid opportunities are available.

by |February 11, 2016

The Law of Drowning Nations

Sea levels are inching up year by year, and by various projections could be two to six feet higher by 2100—enough to make some small, low-lying island nations uninhabitable, or simply to wipe them off the map. What rights will citizens have to live elsewhere; in fact, will these entities actually still be nations, with valid passports, seats in the United Nations, territorial fishing rights, and other proofs of existence? These and other troubling questions are explored in a new book, Threatened Island Nations: Legal Implications of Rising Seas and a Changing Climate.

by |March 20, 2013