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How Big Institutions Stymie Disaster Response, and What to Do About It

The new book Catastrophic Incentives explores why society is underprepared for natural and human-made disasters.

by Christopher D. Shea |October 4, 2023
Flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Should We Stop Using the Term ‘Natural Disaster’?

The words we use to describe events matter. Would a different term elicit more substantial change?

by Ella Jacobs |March 14, 2023

With Climate Impacts Growing, Insurance Companies Face Big Challenges

As natural disasters become more frequent and more costly, the struggling insurance market could affect the entire economy. To weather the storms ahead, insurers will need to make some changes.

by |November 3, 2022
a cyclone and storm clouds

What Can We Do About Extreme Weather?

Perhaps climate change policy will be a response to our growing experience with extreme weather events.

by |April 11, 2022

You Can’t Run From Climate Change, but That’s Not a Bad Thing

An intergenerational conversation about living with climate change and its impacts.

by Alexandra Grant-Hudd |November 2, 2021

Hurricane Ida’s Silver Lining: A Chance at Vital NYC Housing Reform

The storm revealed a new piece in the City’s growing climate puzzle: the need to address its network of illegitimate basement apartments.

by Johnluca Fenton |October 28, 2021

In New Project, Millions of Farmers Will Help to Improve Insurance Against Climate Disasters

Until now, most index insurance did not have the capacity to tap the wisdom of crowds of farmers themselves.

by Kristen French |October 27, 2021

How Utilities Can Help Communities Build Economic Resilience to Disasters: Part II

Given the essential role of the power grid, electric utilities are in a unique position to lead disaster mitigation and preparedness.

by Qëndresa Krasniqi, Ryan Burg, Renée Skeete and Jackie Ratner |October 8, 2021

Disaster Relief and the Psychology of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Events

It’s time to stop responding to frequent climate catastrophes and start preparing for them.

by Jacqueline Goodman |September 28, 2021

FEMA Awards the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) with Two New Training Programs

The training programs will highlight best practices and lessons learned for pandemic planning in mass care settings, with a specific focus on society’s most vulnerable.

by National Center for Disaster Preparedness |September 20, 2021