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evapotranspiration map

Space Station Instrument Provides Newly Detailed Look at Plants’ Drought Resistance

Plants in the same groups often show similar drought resistance independent of the climate in which they grow.

by |April 14, 2022
map of persistant and ephemeral forest in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Regrown Tropical Forests May Have Short Lifespans, Says New Study

Forest cover in many tropical regions increased in recent decades, but a new study suggests that much of the regenerated area is re-cleared within a few years, which could limit biodiversity and carbon storage benefits.

by |March 18, 2022
flooded wetland

Losing a Hectare of Wetlands Could Cost $8,000 Per Year in Flood Damages

New findings may help inform discussions as the Supreme Court takes up a case that could limit wetland protections under the Clean Water Act.

by |January 28, 2022
tiger heads and skins on a shelf

U.S. May Have Been Responsible for Almost Half of Recent Past Illegal Tiger Trade

A new study indicates that the scale has been underestimated.

by |January 12, 2022

Can We Feed Billions of Ourselves Without Wrecking the Planet?

A new Earth Institute primer lays out the basics of achieving sustainable agriculture on a global scale.

by |January 7, 2022

Columbia Professor Shahid Naeem to Head Ecological Society of America

The Columbia ecologist will serve as the society’s president in 2023-2024.

by |December 9, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Sage Solomine Raises Funds for Big Cat Conservation

Sage Solomine leveraged her master’s degree from the Environmental Science and Policy program to achieve her goal of protecting big cats with Panthera.

by Alexis Earl |December 9, 2021
cup of coffee with leaf in foam

Is Climate Change Putting the Future of Coffee at Risk?

At the African Fairtrade Convention, the International Research Institute for Climate and Society and Fairtrade will raise a red flag in a panel conversation on the intersection of human rights, climate change and coffee.

Declining Biodiversity in Wild Amazon Fisheries Threatens Human Diet

New research suggests that declines in wild fish species may compromise nutrition in an already poor region. Substituting cultivated species may not help.

by |May 28, 2021

Video: Student Discusses the Importance of Urban Ecology With a Member of the U.S. Forest Service

Their conversation focuses on monarch butterfly conservation efforts in Chicago and the value of engaging immigrant communities in urban habitat restoration.

by Frederique Fyhr |May 6, 2021