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A Conversation With Leah Thomas, Intersectional Environmentalist

The eco-communicator discusses the intersections between climate and racial justice, and offers advice to the next generation of activists and educators.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |November 10, 2021
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Alumni Spotlight: Mahak Agrawal

An alumna of the MPA-ESP program, Mahak elaborates on her time at Columbia, discusses her career path in sustainability, and provides advice to current students.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |October 15, 2021
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World is Not on Track to Achieve Global Deforestation Goals

Progress requires large-scale development projects to increase transparency and inclusion of grassroots and Indigenous groups.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |November 25, 2020
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Biden vs. Sanders: Who Has the Better Plan to Fix Climate Change?

Both democratic frontrunners have pledged to take action on climate change, but their plans differ widely.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |March 5, 2020
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No ‘Space’ for Earth in Newly Released Presidential Budget

While the proposal boosts NASA’s budget to explore other worlds, what about the one we’ve already got?

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |February 12, 2020
North Atlantic right whale and calf

The “Right” Whale to Save

Environmental Science and Policy students analyze legislation meant to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |December 11, 2019