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illustration of women forming a circle around the earth for international womens day

How These Women Are Contributing to a Sustainable Tomorrow

For International Women’s Day, we highlight a few women in the Columbia Climate School who are leading on climate science and adaptation, and helping to promote equity, sustainability, and resilience.

by |March 8, 2022
dumpster overflowing with trash

Reduce. Reuse. And Then, When All Else Fails, Recycle.

Recycling gets all the attention, but emphasizing reduction and reuse can do so much more to manage waste and curb climate emissions.

by Brynne Wilcox |February 25, 2022
sandra goldmark in front of lamp

Purchasing Power: How Conscientious Buying Can Enable a More Just and Sustainable Future

A conversation with author and Barnard sustainability director Sandra Goldmark on how to live in a material world while minimizing harm to the planet.

by Marie Lilly |February 25, 2022
solar panels in dry landscape

New Study Finds Federal Agencies Must Improve Climate Impact Analyses to Meet NEPA Requirements

The research shows that many agencies are not thinking about how projects will be affected by climate change and what that means for the projects’ environmental outcomes.

by |February 15, 2022

Apply Now: Virtual Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture

The training will review pressing issues related to agricultural investments and introduce practical skills.

chocolates and gift box with sign that says happy valentines day

How to Have a More Sustainable Valentine’s Day

It’s possible to celebrate your loved ones while remembering your love for the planet and its people.

by Prerana Tirodkar |February 10, 2022
30 rock building and empire state building

It May Be Time to Reconsider Energy Efficiency Exemptions for Historic Buildings

Despite long-standing rhetoric, older buildings are not always greener, according to a recent study.

by Anna Gasha |January 18, 2022
woman and children in a garden

Bottom-Up Sustainability: The Case of Altavista in Medellin, Colombia

One size does not fit all. A community garden project shows how involving communities in planning and development can help make sustainable practices successful.

by Simón Ruiz-Martínez |January 12, 2022
homes destroyed by wildfire on one side of street, homes intact on the other

Amid the Marshall Fire’s Urban Ashes, Hints of a Less Combustible Future

An interview with a homeowner whose block survived while others burned reinforces longstanding advice from experts on living in fire-prone landscapes.

by |January 11, 2022
Peter Coleman and poet Padraig Ó Tuama

Could ‘Peace Speech’ Save the Planet?

A poet and social psychologist at the Columbia Climate School explore the power of language in conflict resolution, sustainability, and peace.

by Lindsay Key |January 5, 2022