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Texas Guardsmen assist a motorist stuck on snow and ice during extreme winter weather conditions in Abilene, Texas

How Unprecedented Was the February 2021 Texas Cold Snap?

A look at historical trends shows that extreme cold spells are relatively common during Texas winters. Maybe it’s time to start designing for it.

by James Doss-Gollin, David J Farnham, Upmanu Lall, Vijay Modi |March 16, 2021
A tall power pole with many crossing wires. It's the old style of power pole, with cross members and glass insulators.

Reducing Risk and Avoiding Disaster – Creating Grid 2.0

Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities of upgrading the electric grid during a recent webinar.

by |March 12, 2021
electricity transmission tower

The Texas Power Grid and the Failure of Deregulation

While we need to mitigate climate change and will need government-driven public policy to do that, we must also adapt to the climate change that is already underway.

by |February 22, 2021