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The Role of Universities in the Transition to Environmental Sustainability

Preserving the planet is as self-justifying as preserving any other valuable and beautiful creation. It is the job of universities to develop and teach environmental ethics and ensure it permeates education from preschool to graduate school.

by |December 27, 2022

Sustainability, the New Economy and Lifelong Learning

As the economy demands new knowledge and as professionals seek to meet those needs, new forms of formal education and non-degree training will be required. It is the civic responsibility of America’s best universities to learn how to meet these needs.

by |November 27, 2017

Should Universities Ban Bottled Water?

Recently deciding to end the sale of bottled water on its campus, the University of Vermont joins a growing group colleges and universities attempting make more environmentally friendly decisions. Although largely student driven movements, these changes are not always met by acceptance and praise by everyone in the community.

by |February 2, 2012