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Global Roundtable on Climate Change Will Bring Together International Stakeholders to Discuss Issues of Climate Change

Starting tomorrow and continuing on February 27, the Global Roundtable on Climate Change (GROCC), part of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, will host its sixth meeting. The Roundtable is made up of more than 150 corporate, government, and non-governmental member organizations who have met regularly since 2005 to discuss and explore areas of potential consensus regarding core scientific, technological, and economic issues critical to shaping sound public policies on climate change.

The Columbia Climate Center’s Director, Peter Schlosser, will moderate this year’s meeting, and a diverse group of experts will join him to speak about prospects for a new climate regime in 2009. The agenda includes close examination of the status of the international policy process, the impact of the US presidential election, and the effects of the financial crisis on responses to climate change at all levels of society.

While participation in the Roundtable is by invitation only, we encourage you to check out the speakers’ presentations on GROCC’s website, where they will be posted shortly after the conference.

To view presentations from previous GROCC meetings, click over to GROCC’s Conferences page. You can also view “The Path to Climate Sustainability: A Joint Statement by the Global Roundtable on Climate Change,” which GROCC members produced in 2007 to  express their concern about climate change and their commitment to confronting it by supporting the development and deployment of new technologies for energy efficiency and carbon capture and sequestration.

Climate Matters @ Columbia will feature a post-Roundtable wrap-up after this year’s meeting, so stay tuned right here for discussion summaries and insights!

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15 years ago

[…] commenters to our posting to announce the meeting  wondered how government regulation might fare in the current economic […]

15 years ago

I look forward to hearing about this Roundtable. Do the participating business leaders think it wise to pursue GHG regulation in this economic climate (pun intended)? To what extent, if any, do they think regulation will spur innovation?

15 years ago

I look foreard to following this blog. I think that we are is dersperate need of change and new innovations that go beyond anything the world has thought of thus far. It is going to require the coopoeration of many leaders to get this done..

15 years ago

I would be especially interested to read about how the economic meltdown has affected the prospect of comprehensive greenhouse gas regulation. What do business leaders think?