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Climate News Roundup – Week of 9/12

Schwarzenegger Boosts Clean Energy Plan, Reuters

Governor Schwarzenegger issues executive order S-21-09, directing the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations that would increase California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 33% of its power from renewable resources by 2020. Although the 33% standard was first established last year, S-21-09 aims to streamline the regulatory process and increase flexibility in importing energy from out of state sources.

UN Announces Ozone-Killing Sprays Now Completely Banned Worldwide,

In the first ecological treaty ratified by every member country, the UN’s EnvironmentProgram has declared over 100 different products banned due to their ozone-thinning properties.

Fuel-Economy Rules Set 35.5 mpg Standard for 2016, USA Today

A joint announcement by the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency outlines the exact details of the Obama administration’s pledge in May to impose the first federal limits on vehicle emissions. The plan will phase in the 35.5 mpg standard by 2012 and it should be in full effect by 2016.

Australia Tops List for Carbon Dioxide Producers, redOrbit

Risk consultant firm calculates that Australia now is the greatest per capita producer of carbon dioxide. Australia’s per capita emissions, now the highest at 20.58 tons per year, are 4% higher than the US. However, in terms of total output Australian emissions are not in the top ten. China and the US are still first and second in total emissions, respectively.

Banner featuring a collage of extreme heat images.

Recent record-breaking heat waves have affected communities across the world. The Extreme Heat Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to advance the state of knowledge, identify community needs, and develop a framework for evaluating risks with a focus on climate justice. Register by June 15

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