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Water is coming to Inga and Pedra Fina, Brazil

Water Safety and Sustainability: Resilient System Design under Climate Stress

The Columbia Water Center program in Ceará, Brazil, working in partnership with the Universidade Federal do Ceará, and with local and regional governments, develops appropriate drinking water infrastructure in rural communities. (Learn more in this blog piece)  The following photos are from a progress report by local program staff, about the engineering and technical activities taking place around the installation of a supply system in the communities of Ingá and Pedra Fina, during the first two weeks of May, 2010.

Plate Inauguration: From left to right: behind the group, a worker; Cristine Viana, team member; Daniele Costa, team member; Mr. Eudes, Milhã’s Works Municipal Secretary; Cláudio Dias, the Milhã Mayor:


A meeting between the team and residents of Pedra Fina and Ingá, in the Pedra Fina Association House, to discuss the project:

meetingHoe digging the pipeline trench:

Tractor getting the reservoir rings into position:

Foundation of the Ingá elevated reservoir. Deep excavation to settle the reservoir foundation over the crystalline rock:

All the pipes needed to build the Ingá water supply system are stored in the building site:

Prof Osny taking the water sample temperature in the Riacho do Meio reservoir:


The project is funded by the PepsiCo Foundation. We will update project status as the work continues.

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