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Deutsche Bank and Earth Institute Debunk Climate Skeptics

To address global warming skeptics, the Earth Institute’s Columbia Climate Center authored a report in partnership with Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors to examine many of the claims and counter-claims against climate change science. The report concludes that despite the noise generated by misinformation, a vast body of scientific research affirms that human-made climate change is already happening and is a serious long term threat. Intended especially for the financial industry, the report aims to provide “a balanced, expert, and detailed assessment of the scientific case for climate change that will help investors navigate these extremely complex issues.”
The report generated a good deal of press in popular and financial media as well as coverage in a number of climate-related blogs, including this recent Reuters story:  Deutsche Bank Debunks Skeptics with a Report — and a $5 Billion Climate Portfolio, and the following:

See here to read a summary of the report and access the full document.

Deutsche Bank is a member of the Earth Institute Corporate Circle engaged in multiple collaborations with the Institute around climate change.

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