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Climate Change Threatens Fragile Ecosystem in the Andes

Páramos are a high mountain ecosystem in South America’s Andes rich with biodiversity and an important source of water for millions of people. They’re at risk of becoming drier because of changing climate conditions. The International Research Institute for Climate and Society made an audio slideshow that documents the efforts of Daniel Ruiz Carrascal and others, including Laia Andreu, a tree-ring scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, who have been measuring how the environment of the páramo is changing over time.

A version in Spanish is also available:

Head over to the IRI’s web site to read the full transcripts.

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Lena and the kitchen remodeler
Lena and the kitchen remodeler
12 years ago

I’m afraid the Andes won’t be the only one in trouble should climate change continue to haunt our world. But the need (and greed) of people, which fuels carbon release, will only drive climate change if these videos do not reach ready ears.

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