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A Cup of Joe for #1000

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society is planning a party and you could be the guest of honor. It’s a party in honor of reaching a thousand Twitter followers. To celebrate the event, we’d like to offer a small token of our appreciation to #1000, whoever you might be.

Our researchers do work in some pretty amazing places. And lucky for the rest of us, the occasional office treats find their way back with them. We’d like to share one of those treats with our thousandth follower: a thousand grams of coffee from the next far-flung locale one of our researchers returns from. Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Florida are all in the running. While we have nothing against Florida, we’re crossing our fingers for the former two for your sake.

So if you’re not already following IRI on Twitter, hop to it. You’ll get updates on our work and that of our partners, live tweets from IRI event such as our monthly climate briefing, and climate news from across the web. And you never know, you could enjoy a single origin cup of joe on us.

Science for the Planet: In these short video explainers, discover how scientists and scholars across the Columbia Climate School are working to understand the effects of climate change and help solve the crisis.
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