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Climate Services: Bring In Many Perspectives, Early On

This is the ninth of ten interviews with climate and development experts conducted at the International Conference on Climate Services, held at Columbia University last October. We will be posting the last video next week. All of the videos in the series are here

Guy Brassuer is the Director of Germany’s Climate Service Center. In this interview, he discusses the need to bring together many different experts to help define climate services and its aims.

“There is a lot of domain to cover and a lot of sectors to cover and we need to learn from others’ experiences. You don’t want one service to give you one kind of information that is inconsistent with what another service could give you. So, at a time of complete development of this new concept, it’s important that people in very different institutional settings–some are in government, some are in universities, some are in the private sector, some are in provinces–that they come together and try to define what a climate service is, how it will help us use science to better decide and better plan.”

Learn more on the ICCS website and the Climate Services Partnership.

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