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Warming Hiatus? Hangout and Find Out

pos-neg phase illo for CCWondering about the slowdown in global warming? The conversation about it has been complicated, confusing perhaps, certainly politicized. The journals Nature Climate Change and Nature Geoscience invite you to a Google hangout with some physical and social scientists and science communicators, part of an effort to present thoughtful conversation about the science of climate change — and how it’s communicated.

Alicia Newton of Nature Geoscience will discuss the science and communication of #climatechange over the past two decades with Lisa Goddard of the Earth Institute’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Karen Akerlof of George Mason University and Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading on March 20 at 11 a.m. (EDT; 3 p.m. GMT. You can reach the hangout here.

Goddard recently wrote a commentary for the March issue of Nature Climate Change called “Heat Hide and Seek” about what may be behind the global warming “hiatus” of the past two decades. (You can read a Q&A with her about it on State of the Planet.)

You can post questions at the Google hangout page or participate through Twitter at #NPGjclub.

For more articles, commentary and research on the subject, check out these pages at Nature Climate Change and Nature Geoscience.


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