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How Will Climate Change Impact Ocean Health?

The oceans provide one-quarter of the world’s dietary protein, yet we have little understanding of how changes in ocean temperatures and chemistry will impact ocean life—from microbes to coral reefs to commercial fish stocks—and threaten food security.

Research by ocean scientists at the Center for Climate and Life builds understanding of how marine ecosystems, productivity, and genetic diversity will respond to climate change. In this video, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory’s Hugh DucklowSonya Dyhrman, and Bärbel Hönisch explain what they’re learning about the ocean’s changing conditions. Their discoveries will contribute to the sustainable management and conservation of marine resources, and help to ensure sufficient and nutritious food for present and future generations.

Visit the Center for Climate and Life website to learn more about the Center’s mission to understand how climate change impacts life’s essential resources—food, water, and shelter—and to develop sustainable energy resources.

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6 years ago

It is fine. We need to teach to our children what it is really happening. There is no trick. It is true. Elaborate more videos for children.

Ane Teiaua
Ane Teiaua
6 years ago

The findings are very fundamental and could be used as resources when teaching the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. Appreciating the outstanding research done by ocean scientists at the Center for Climate and Life on the health of our oceans.