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Greener on the Other Side: ESP Students’ Sustainability Podcast

Students from the MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program at SIPA have produced a podcast called “Greener on the Other Side,” the first in a new series that focuses on a myriad of interdisciplinary issues regarding sustainability, climate change, and the environment.

Mima Mendoza hosts the podcast's first episode on 'Disaster'
Mima Mendoza hosts the podcast’s first episode on ‘Disaster’

In this first episode,  MPA-ESP students Mima Mendoza, Zac Meyer, Jenna Lewein and Daniel Wohl focus on the topic of natural disasters.

They interviewed the Mayor of New York City and leading experts at Columbia University to break down the science of hurricanes, disaster preparedness and the ethics of disaster response and relief.



Zac Meyer
Zac Meyer

Zac Meyer has a conversation with Mayor Bill de Blasio about the work he has done so far and his plans in his second term to better prepare New York City for hurricanes.

Zac also speaks with Suzana Camargo, the Lamont Research Professor and Executive Director of the Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate at Columbia University, about the science of modeling future hurricane patterns.



Jenna Lewein
Jenna Lewein

Jenna Lewein visits the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia’s Earth Institute to talk to Deputy Director Jeff Schlegelmilch about the impact of natural disasters on communities, the role NCDP takes in preparing systems to respond to disasters, and applying the best science available to help protect the most vulnerable populations when disaster strikes.




Daniel Wohl
Daniel J. Wohl

Daniel J. Wohl sits down with Dr. Adela J. Gondek at the School of International and Public Affairs to discuss the value of ethics as they apply to politics, governance, and environmentalism focusing in on sustainable development, urban planning, and disaster relief.






Stay tuned for more episodes of Greener on the Other Side, as the students of the MPA-ESP Class of 2018 bring you more insights from experts!


Listen to the first episode below:

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