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How Are the Sustainable Development Goals Traveling in Your World?

sustainable development survey If you’re a ‘city maker,’ Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) invites you to answer the question, “How are the Sustainable Development Goals traveling in your world?” By participating in a survey, you can help CSUD understand how and where the SDGs (and the New Urban Agenda) are being adopted.

In particular, CSUD is interested in hearing from ‘city makers’: people who make their cities sustainable through education (as teachers, researchers and students); urban professions including local government; people in the arts, and those involved in civil society organizations. Youth and LGBT communities are encouraged to participate. The survey is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Hindi and will take about seven minutes to complete.

You can read more about this three stage project and take the City Maker survey here.

CSUD will share survey results with respondents directly, and to the wider public through publications.

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Lise Lindberg Hansen
Lise Lindberg Hansen
5 years ago

Lucky to be living in Denmark. Sustainability and reaponsible consumerism, healthy urban Living is part of Our DNA

5 years ago

Quite good in my country, we’re on a few new sustainability programs hope they’ll be completed soon.

Lisa Martin
4 years ago

I have a network of interested and committed students who would love to weigh in on this issue, and would LOVE to offer ideas and take this survey. But with the lowest age being allowed to take this at 18, a very key and energized demographic is being missed.

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