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Pod of the Planet Ep.2: Disasters Won’t Wait

Research to impact
Needed for problems today
Disasters won’t wait

—Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, deputy director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness

Communicating science is tough and we thought asking all our guests to come up with a haiku describing their work might be a good place to start, because who doesn’t like a good haiku?

So thanks to Jeff for being a good sport and coming up with the first one for Pod of the Planet. In this episode co-hosts Jason Smerdon and I talk about our disaster plans and experiences during Hurricane Sandy. Then an interview with Jeff on all the amazing work NCDP is doing and the impact they are having in the US and Puerto Rico. Last from our You Asked series. Phebe Pierson on whether eco-friendly garbage bags are in fact eco-friendly.

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Lorri Peltz-Lewis
Lorri Peltz-Lewis
4 years ago

Can you please register this with PocketCast?