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Announcing a New Podcast: DoveTale

Science and technology alone cannot solve climate change. The DoveTale podcast explores the interconnecting ethical, spiritual, psychological, moral, artistic, and historical dimensions of on-the-ground climate action.

by Ned Joyner |June 1, 2023
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Behind the Podcast ‘How We Got Here’

Scientists Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien demystify how different professionals are addressing the climate crisis, one career path and podcast episode at a time.

by Elise Gout |April 21, 2022

Pod of the Planet Episode 17: Mapping Out a Vaccination Strategy in Nigeria

In this episode, we talk to two experts from the GRID3 program, which is providing geospatial data to support Nigeria’s COVID-19 vaccination planning.

by |November 3, 2021
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Introducing The Big Switch, A New Podcast From the Center on Global Energy Policy

The show explores how to transform energy systems and make them more sustainable.

by |June 16, 2021

Pod of the Planet Episode 16: World Oceans Day 2021

Today we’re celebrating World Oceans Day with a deep dive into an international project to map the entire seafloor.

by |June 8, 2021
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Columbia Law School Launches New Podcast Series on Climate Change and the Law

Defending the Planet, hosted by Professor Michael Gerrard, will feature Columbia Law and international experts, who share insights and ideas on how to save the planet.

Pod of the Planet Episode 15: Flying Into the Eye of the Volcano

In this episode, Kevin Krajick talks with volcanologist Einat Lev about her recent trip to study and film Iceland’s spectacularly erupting Fagradalsfjall Volcano.

by |May 28, 2021

Pod of the Planet Ep. 14: Ask What Nature Can Do for You

Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with an interview with Professor Ruth DeFries on her new book, “What Would Nature Do? A Guide for Our Uncertain Times”

by |March 8, 2021

Pod of the Planet Ep. 13: Corruption, Migration and COVID-19

In this episode we explore the toll COVID-19 has taken on migration and how corruption is making it that much worse for vulnerable groups.

by |January 25, 2021

The Communication Climate After 2020: Stormy but Hopeful

A global community, including the Earth Institute’s Initiative on Communication and Sustainability, is working hard to make information and connectivity matter a little more each day.

by |December 31, 2020