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Introducing The Big Switch, A New Podcast From the Center on Global Energy Policy

big switch logoAre you keen to learn more about the energy systems around us? Then subscribe to The Big Switch, a new podcast launched by the Center on Global Energy Policy. Hosted by CGEP Senior Research Scholar and Research Director Melissa C. Lott, the show explores how to transform energy systems and make them more sustainable. Best yet, you don’t have to be an energy expert to follow along. The first two episodes are available now on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and any app where you listen to podcasts — listen and subscribe today!

Using narrative-based storytelling, current and historical case studies, and incisive analysis, Lott walks listeners step-by-step through the solutions and tradeoffs of the energy transition.

In the first season, The Big Switch examines the backbone of decarbonization: the power grid.

The Big Switch recounts stories about the disaster that unfolded in Texas this February and tries to answer the question: what does it tell us about the decisions we need to make around reliability, resiliency and decarbonization as we strive toward a net-zero electricity system?

The show aims to give a broader group of people — concerned citizens, activists, students, policymakers, and other professionals — a deeper understanding of how to tackle climate change. And to successfully tell stories about the solutions, the stakeholders, the tradeoffs, and the differing opinions of how to get there.

To learn more, listen and subscribe to The Big Switch today. If you like what you’re hearing, please give the show a rating and review at Apple podcasts. This helps others find the show and educate themselves about the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

Columbia campus skyline with text Columbia Climate School Class Day 2024 - Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to our Columbia Climate School MA in Climate & Society Class of 2024! Learn about our May 10 Class Day celebration. #ColumbiaClimate2024

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