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Pod of the Planet Ep.4: Drawing Circles Around Economies

In this special work from home edition of Pod of the Planet, I catch up with Andrew Revkin, founding director of the Initiative on Communication & Sustainability at the Earth Institute. We then shift over to a conversation between Revkin, Herman Daly and Kate Raworth on how human progress should be pursued and measured (15:26).

Herman E. Daly, a founding force behind “steady-state economics,” examines possible paths to less fragile global systems with Kate Raworth, whose “doughnut economics” model aims to build economic policies and metrics that put thriving ahead of growing.

This episode draws from Revkin’s SUSTAIN WHAT series, a global video conversation identifying solutions to the complicated, shape-shifting and epic challenges of humanity’s Anthropocene moment. We encourage listeners to seek out Daly’s “Emtpy world, full world” (36:00) diagram, and Raworth’s “Doughnut Economy” (46:00) and “Hulling’s Adaptive Cycle” (1:25:00) to better understand the discussion.


You can also watch the entire discussion here:

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