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Pod of the Planet Ep.5: Look After Yourself

In a changing world
Impacts are often not clear
Look after yourself

Robbie Parks, Earth Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mailman School of Public Health

In this episode Jason Smerdon and Kyu Lee discuss home life, home schooling and pathways forward for climate research and policy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Next Kyu talks with Earth Institute postdoctoral research fellow Robbie Parks on the effects climate, weather, and our environment have on health outcomes and mental health (20:25).

Thank you to Robbie for providing the environmental sounds for this podcast. From March 25-31, while in isolation, he made one composition a day for seven days in a row. We encourage you to visit his site.

All proceeds from the album will go to Feed the Frontlines NYC, which feeds NYC healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Note from Robbie: “I loved being among the natural surroundings, and used the opportunity to explore forests and mountains and record whatever I found. I also found it incredibly challenging personally, with feelings of loneliness and being distant from loved ones. The pieces perhaps reflect the mixture of those feelings.”

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