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Pod of the Planet Ep. 7: Oiled and Spoiled

Pod of the Planet · 7. Oiled and spoiled

Oiled and spoiled shoreline;
mother cleans beach and water
for her child to play

Jaishree Beedasy, Program Manager, National Center for Disaster Preparedness

Ten years ago today, the broken pipeline from Deepwater Horizon was finally capped after spewing 168 million gallons into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 long days. The biggest oil spill in history caused an incalculable amount of damage ecologically, economically and psychologically on local communities for years after.

In this episode, State of the Planet editor Sarah Fecht speaks with Jaishree Beedasy, who studies the effects disasters have on the mental health of communities, especially that of children. They discuss the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, its research around the BP Oil Spill and the policies necessary for recovery.

In the first part of the podcast, Sarah talks with Kyu about the State of the Planet, what it’s been like managing content during this pandemic and how the voices have reflected the times.

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