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Pod of the Planet Ep. 10: The Ice Sheet Goeth

Pod of the Planet · 10. The Ice Sheet Goeth

Marco Tedesco loves ice; check the tattoos of snowflakes on his arm.

Marco Tedesco showing arm tattoos of snowflakesIn this episode of Pod of the Planet, Kevin Krajick explores Tedesco’s obsession with the cryosphere—the part of earth that consists of frozen water. Krajick who is the Earth Institute’s senior editor for science news, knows Tedesco well. He traveled with him to Greenland a few years back to see up close meltwater rushing into deep crevasses. He also recently talked to him about his new book, The Hidden Life of Ice: Dispatches From a Disappearing World.

The takeaway: Greenland is melting at a rate greater than ever before. If the entire ice sheet melts, that would mean a catastrophic rise in sea level of 24 feet. Listen to Tedesco talk about why he’s devoted his life to this cold, dangerous and disappearing land.

This year, Climate Week NYC takes place from September 21 to 27. Hundreds of digital events from all around the world will be covering the climate crisis and pressing for a future that does not depend on fossil fuels. Check out what’s going on at the Earth Institute.

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