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Explore This Map of Land and Sea Features Named After Trailblazers at Lamont

For more than 71 years, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory researchers have scoured every corner of the world, plumbing the depths of the ocean for core samples, probing polar ice, scaling the heights of atmospheric dynamics, and publishing thousands of significant, often transformative, research papers. Along the way, they’ve made quite an impression on a universe of scientists and scholars. So, perhaps it’s not surprising that Lamont has dozens of planetary features named for these trailblazers and their research vessels. In all, we have identified 46 features of land, sea, and air named after Lamont affiliates.

Check out the interactive map below to learn the who and where of these special places, and how our researchers garnered the honor of having these features named after them.

View a larger version of this map »

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