Science Scramble

by |January 30, 2023

Unscramble the scientific term before time expires!

  • Difficulty:
  • Time: s

How To Play

  • You'll be shown a scientific term where the letters of each word have been scrambled. The term's definition appears below it. Words that appear in the answer may be hidden in the definition.
  • Type your guess into the input field and press enter/return on your keyboard. You can make as many guesses as you like.
  • To be correct, your guess must match the term exactly including any spaces and punctuation.
  • The timer bar displays the amount of time you have left. The faster you solve the puzzle the higher your score.
  • Scrambles get more difficult throughout the week. Sundays are tough!
  • Press the play button above to start!

  • Solved: of (%)
  • Score:
    Weighted, normalized score of correctly solved, solve time efficiency and difficulty plus anagrams found (10 max)
  • Average Solve Time: s
  • Efficiency: %
    Average percentage of time remaining for solved puzzles
  • Average Difficulty:
    Average difficulty of solved puzzles on a scale of 1-10
  • Points:
    Sum of seconds remaining for solved puzzles
  • Anagrams Found:
  • Most Difficult Solved:
game: jeremy hinsdale | design: sunghee kim

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7 months ago

Fun…its wordle for Science!

Selena Grande
Selena Grande
6 months ago

Usually I just use safari/chrome to make myself “win”. I just use the internet but still so much fun!

1 month ago

very very very very …….1 billion times hard but interesting