Aliyah Elfar, Author at State of the Planet

Aliyah Elfar is a junior at Columbia College studying Sustainable Development. She is a staff writer for GlacierHub, Co-director of Consilience's Academic Journal Branch, and she interned at Columbia's Sabin Center for Climate Law this summer. She is most interested in climate policy, advocacy, and ESG investing.

Recent Posts

mountain peaks partially covered with snow and ice

Glacial Melting in High Mountain Asia Has the Potential to Overwhelm Hydropower Systems

Flooding in the region threatens hydropower projects and the safety of downstream populations.

by |February 10, 2023
charts showing decline in sea ice under different emissions scenarios

Report Released at COP27 Gives a ‘Terminal Diagnosis’ for Summer Sea Ice

The COP27 State of the Cryosphere 2022 Report has stated that summer sea ice will melt completely, likely before 2050. This outcome is deemed “inevitable.”

by |November 7, 2022

Landmark Climate Change Lawsuit Moves Forward as German Judges Arrive in Peru

An Indigenous Peruvian farmer is suing one of Europe’s largest CO2 emitters, the German energy firm RWE AG, for the costs of protecting his town from flooding. The case is progressing again after delays from COVID-19, and court-appointed experts are evaluating the risk posed by the glacial lake.

by |August 4, 2022
a tank rolling through the Norwegian Arctic

NATO’s Cold Response and the Implications of Militarization in the Arctic

Russia’s decline of the observer invitation and the deaths of several marines underscore the seriousness of the circumstances which surround the event this year. 

by |June 8, 2022

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Frank Granshaw on Glaciers and Geoscience Education

Frank Granshaw discusses changes in geoscience, education, and glaciers throughout his career as a glacial geologist and climate science educator.

by |March 23, 2022