Cassie Xu, Author at State of the Planet

Cassie Xu, is a senior program manager for Academic Governance and Research. Cassie joined the Earth Institute in early 2011 as an intern and has worked with many Earth Institute teams and departments. She contributes to numerous research, educational programming, and faculty support initiatives in her role. Before attending Columbia, Cassie taught elementary school at the Canadian International School of Macau. Cassie is a graduate of the MA program in International Education Development from Teachers College and also holds a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

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Robert W. van Zwieten headshot

Takeaways From Our Professional Learning Workshops: Q&A With Robert W. van Zwieten

Working from the Philippines, Robert woke up early to attend two of our workshops. He shares his enthusiasm for continuous learning, and how these programs impacted his career.

by Laurel Zaima and Cassie Xu |September 26, 2022

Announcing Fall 2022 Professional Learning and Pre-College Offerings

Join us for another semester of exciting workshops at the Columbia Climate School.

by Christina Deodatis and Laurel Zaima |August 31, 2022
artwork by mckenna kelly

Youth Activist Uses Art to Educate Her Community About Climate Change

A recent participant in the ‘Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains’ program shares some of her artwork.

by Christina Deodatis and Cassie Xu |January 27, 2022
Tawhid Monzur

Takeaways From the Climate Foundations Professional Learning Workshop

A participant shares what drew him to our Professional Learning Program, and how it’s advancing his career.

by Christina Deodatis and Cassie Xu |January 24, 2022
kids learn about coral layers

EI LIVE K12: RSVP for Our Winter/Spring 2022 Sessions

Our popular video series for students, educators, and parents returns with an exciting lineup from January to June.

by Christina Deodatis |January 3, 2022
illustrations of lamont scientists

Collect Our Scientist Cards

These baseball-style cards highlight a few of our amazing scientists, and can now be downloaded for free.

by Christina Alexia Deodatis and Cassie Xu |November 29, 2021

EI LIVE K12 Is Back for the Academic Year

Our popular video series for students, educators, and parents returns with an exciting lineup from October to May.

by |September 30, 2021

Columbia Climate School’s Non-Degree Offerings for Fall 2021

Starting in fall 2021, the Columbia Climate School will offer non-degree educational programs for high school students and adult learners.

by |September 13, 2021
sps precollege program

Columbia Climate School Goes to the Green Mountains

This pre-college program in Castleton, Vermont, will mobilize students in grades 9–12 to take action and affect change in response to our warming planet.

by |April 16, 2021
drawing of camera and sea floor

No Longer Just ‘Girl Talk’

Fifth graders commemorate pioneering mapmaker Marie Tharp using comics, pictures, and poems.

by |March 8, 2021