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Maprooms Turn ‘Shapeless’ Climate Data Into Powerful Tools of Action

‘Maprooms’ are freely accessible, online analytical and visualization tools to make climate data more usable. Developed at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, they are now being tailored and scaled to support adaptation in African agriculture.

by Amanda Grossi |February 9, 2023
map showing different color markers for stations on different networks

Digital Innovation Harnesses Power of Real-time Weather Data

A new tool is helping national meteorological services and regional climate centers across Africa harness real-time weather data for decision-making in agriculture.

by Amanda Grossi and Francesco Fiondella |February 6, 2023

Meet the Next Generation of Africa’s Climate Forecasters

New state-of-the-art forecasting systems are enabling regional and national meteorological agencies to generate timely and decision-relevant climate information for their agricultural sectors.

by Amanda Grossi and Francesco Fiondella |February 3, 2023
waterway through rice field

Was It a Flash Flood or Not? Categorizing Disaster Types in Historical Records

Researchers develop new methods to assess flash flood risk to support anticipatory humanitarian action.

melody braun headshot

Why COP26 Matters

An interview with Mélody Braun, whose work helps farmers and policy makers implement climate adaptation and management strategies.

by Brynne Wilcox |November 3, 2021
A person using a mobile phone in India

To Tackle Food Insecurity, Invest in Digital Climate Services for Agriculture 

New recommendations outline a path to maximize impact of investments in digital climate services for small-scale farmers.

Populations Exposed to Flooding Growing Much Faster Than Thought, Says Study

Human migration and increasing inundations are causing more people to be vulnerable.

cup of coffee with leaf in foam

Is Climate Change Putting the Future of Coffee at Risk?

At the African Fairtrade Convention, the International Research Institute for Climate and Society and Fairtrade will raise a red flag in a panel conversation on the intersection of human rights, climate change and coffee.

Farmers from southern Mali's Sikasso region tend to their cowpea crop.

Columbia Institute to Be Key Partner in New World Bank-funded Climate Resilience Project

The Accelerating the Impact of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa project will help farmers anticipate and prepare for destructive climate-related events.

john furlow headshot

John Furlow Named Director of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Furlow joined IRI in 2017 with the goal of better connecting the institute’s research to the real-world challenges facing developing countries.