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Kelcie Walther

I am an undergraduate in Columbia University's Department of Ecology, Environmental Biology and Evolutionary Biology. I love the natural sciences and all things plant-related and believe that effectively communicating science will help us save the world!

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Giant blue/white glacier ice juts out of a cool blue lake. A blue raft with several people onboard is dwarfed in the ice's presence.

Glacier Melt to Redirect Alaska’s Alsek River, Endangering World-Famous Rafting Route

As a glacier in southern Alaska melts, a major river is likely to shift course within the next decade, putting the future of local fisheries and a popular rafting path at risk.

by |April 15, 2021
A, hollow concrete shell of a building sits in a wooded area with a bright blue sky behind it.

‘Terminal Moraine’ Artists Intend to Bring Brooklyn Back to its Glacial Roots

An upcoming installation at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden intertwines the sounds of glacial recession and tree growth to help visitors connect with the area’s history.

by |March 26, 2021
A close up of small yellow flowers on a light green, fuzzy stem.

Retreating Glaciers Threaten Herbs Used to Make Iconic Alpine Liqueurs

As glaciers recede in the Italian Alps, a shift toward grasslands is threatening native herbs like Artemisia genipi, a key ingredient in the region’s traditional liqueurs.

by |March 10, 2021
A small house with a red roof sits in a field of golden grass. Behind the house is a massive mountain, with a river of ice running down it.

In Iceland, Melting Glaciers Give Way to Plant Life

A recent study examines the changes in the foreland of a melting Icelandic glacier. With ice gone, new plant life is springing up and changing a centuries-old ecosystem.

by |February 24, 2021

Rising Water Temperatures Could Be A Death Sentence For Pacific Salmon

A new report shows a dire situation for salmon in Washington State. Populations are reeling from habitat loss, flooding and the repercussions of climate change.

by |February 10, 2021
arctic tern flying

Biden Administration Must Act Fast To Save Migratory Birds

On Trump’s way out of the White House, his administration demolished a law that protects migratory birds, putting over 1,000 species at risk. The Biden administration can still salvage it — but only if they act swiftly.

by |January 20, 2021
Five scientists is snow gear pull a long metal drill bit out of a chasm in a vast, white glacier.

Scientists Reconstruct the Glacial Conditions During Ötzi the Iceman’s Lifetime

New research published in Nature suggests that the Ötzal Alps experienced nearly ice-free summits during the mid-Holocene, about 6,000 years ago.

by |January 13, 2021
A milky blue lake sits at the base of snowy mountains and is surrounded by dark brown rocks.

Five Years In, Legal Team Behind Groundbreaking Huaraz Case Remains Optimistic

A recent panel discussion provided an update on the case of a Peruvian farmer who is taking on one of the world’s largest energy companies over its carbon emissions. 

by |December 4, 2020
A black and white image of a bright Pluto on a black background.

Pluto’s Landscape Is More Like Earth’s Than Previously Thought

New analysis of data gathered from NASA’s 2015 flyby of Pluto shows evidence of Earth-like snow-capped mountains and the potential for glaciers made of methane ice.

by |November 10, 2020