Pria Mahadevan, Author at State of the Planet

Ice Stupas Have Become a Popular Water Management Tool in the Himalayas. But Can They Work in Chile?

An innovative project led by Chilean engineers tests an Indigenous Himalayan technology in a new place. It has faced unique sociopolitical challenges.

by |July 7, 2023
A man stands in front of a podium, with a panelists table and slideshow behind him.

First ‘Worlds at Waste’ Conference Takes an Interdisciplinary Look at Water in South Asia

From glaciers and landslides to displacement and flooding, two Columbia University professors broke down academic silos and reflected on water issues.

by |April 19, 2023
A sepia-toned photo of a woman with short hair wearing an early 20th century dress posed for a portrait.

How an Adventurous Schoolteacher in the Washington Backcountry Launched the Pacific Crest Trail

New investigations bring the trail’s originator, Catherine Montgomery, into focus nearly a century later.

by |March 21, 2023

The Quest to Redesign Washington’s State Flag — and Honor Its Natural Landscape

With imagery representing Puget Sound, the Cascade Ranges, and expansive orchards, a new state flag seeks to foster both pride and preservation.

by Pria Mahadevan and Emily Denny |March 2, 2023
An aerial image of a grey-brown coastline, where brown sand diffuses into blue water.

As Greenland’s Ice Melts, Glacial Sand Deposits May Offer a Welcome Economic Opportunity

Greenland’s majority Indigenous population is in favor of exploring sand extraction, according to an academic research poll.

by |January 31, 2023
station in mountains with a solar panel pyramid on top

A Pyramid on Everest, Caught in the Balance

Unsteady funding streams have caused Mount Everest’s “Pyramid” monitoring station to unravel at the seams. It may be an opportunity to re-envision the station’s purpose.

by |December 5, 2022