Renee Cho, Author at State of the Planet

Renee Cho is a regular contributor to the Columbia Climate School. She has written over 200 articles for State of the Planet on a broad range of topics. She was previously published by, and other environmental magazines. Renee was Communications Coordinator for Riverkeeper, the Hudson River environmental organization. She received the Executive Education Certificate in Conservation and Sustainability from the Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability. Follow me on Twitter: @ReneeCho_

Recent Posts

Plankton Are Central to Life on Earth. How Is Climate Change Affecting Them?

Plankton play many important roles on the planet. How will climate change affect them, and is it already happening?

by |August 23, 2023

Climate Lawsuits Are On The Rise. This Is What They’re Based On.

A new report from the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the United Nations says that climate litigation has more than doubled in the last five years, and is expected to continue to increase.

by |August 9, 2023

Alumna Profile: Lauren Faber O’Connor

Lauren Faber O’Connor was recently awarded the 2023 GSAS Dean’s Award for Distinguished Achievement, which recognizes recipients for their profound impact on academia and on the world at large.

by |July 19, 2023

Climate Change Is Making Travel That Much Harder

Here’s why climate change is making travel harder and what you can do about it.

by |July 11, 2023

AI’s Growing Carbon Footprint

Artificial intelligence has the potential to develop game-changing ways to fight climate change — but only if we can find ways to cut its carbon emissions.  

by |June 9, 2023

The Truth About Gas Stoves

Concerns have arisen gas stoves and their impacts on indoor air pollution and children’s health. What does the science show, and why are we only hearing about this now?

by |April 25, 2023

The Energy Transition Will Need More Rare Earth Elements. Can We Secure Them Sustainably?

Scientists are exploring a variety of ways to provide raw materials for the energy transition with less harm to people and the planet.

by |April 5, 2023

Climate Education in the U.S.: Where It Stands, and Why It Matters

Young people need to learn about climate change because it is going to shape their futures in many ways. What are they learning about it in school?

by |February 9, 2023

What Uncertainties Remain in Climate Science?

Climate scientists are still uncertain about a number of phenomena that could affect our future. What are the reasons for this uncertainty?

by |January 12, 2023

Five Things the Energy Transition Can’t Do Without

Achieving the energy transition will take money, minerals, land, water, and skilled labor. Will we have enough of each?

by |December 7, 2022