Zoe Alexandra Klobus, Author at State of the Planet

Zoë Klobus has spent nearly a decade pursuing an environmental education. She completed a four-year independent study in environmental sustainability in high school before earning her bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a focus in watershed science from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Currently, she is earning her M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University. She is particularly interested in environmental justice, politics, and the link between climate and public health. Zoë hopes to use her education, prior research and experience writing for GlacierHub to develop environmental policies at the federal and international levels.

Recent Posts

Glaciers Unlock Clues to Spanish Flu Pandemic

A timely article published in GeoHealth explores the links between unusual climate conditions during the Spanish Flu and the mortality rate from the disease.

by |November 13, 2020

How Ice Scouring in the Antarctic Disrupts Ecosystems

A recent study sheds light on how different types of species are affected by calving icebergs that tear apart the seafloor.

by |August 3, 2020

A New Glacier Website From the Austrian Alps

OGGM-Edu offers a variety of educational tools and materials, including interactive apps, graphics and images, adaptable notebooks, and tutorials.

by |June 11, 2020

New Study Supports Universal Glacier Slip Law

The study explains how friction alters the velocity of glaciers. It could have important implications for improving sea level rise projections.

by |May 21, 2020
australia fires satellite imagery

Bushfires in Australia Continue to Devastate New Zealand Glaciers

Smoke and ash from Australia’s devastating fires pose a significant threat to New Zealand’s glaciers.

by |January 7, 2020