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American Geophysical Union 2021: Key Events From the Columbia Climate School

A guide to some of the most provocative talks at the world’s largest gathering of earth and space scientists.

by |December 7, 2021

An Environmental Agenda for NYC’s New Mayor

Our new mayor should let our environmental actions do the talking for the next eight years. It would be a refreshing change.

by |December 6, 2021
The interactive graphic created by the Associated Press, based on a recent study out of Columbia, visualizes the threat of rising temperatures combined with soaring population growth.

Associated Press Offers Interactive ‘Primer’ on New Extreme Heat Data Set

The interactive graphic, based on a recent study out of Columbia, visualizes the threat of rising temperatures combined with soaring population growth.

by |November 19, 2021

Researchers Map Impacts of Human Sewage Along the World’s Coasts

Newly granular details may help cities plan strategies to deal with wastewater.

by |November 15, 2021

Exposure to Deadly Urban Heat Worldwide Has Tripled in Recent Decades, Says Study

A detailed analysis of temperatures and population trends in 13,115 cities shows where specific numbers of people are most affected.

by |October 4, 2021

Congestion Pricing is Slowly Coming to New York City

London, Singapore, and Stockholm have all managed to do something that New York City has been unable to do; enact and implement congestion pricing in its central business district.

by |October 4, 2021
NYC heat vulnerability index map

8 Ways NYC Can Help Vulnerable Communities Survive Summer Heat

Communities of color are especially at risk from extreme heat, and COVID-19 has made cooling off more challenging for many. Here’s how the city can do better.

by Jenny Bock and Sonal Jessel |September 27, 2021
Heat map of New York City using satellite data from the USGS's Landsat 8 satellite. Source: New York City Council

Study Maps Urban Heat Islands With Focus on Environmental Justice

A new collaborative project is heat-mapping parts of New York City with a focus on improving health outcomes and addressing long-standing environmental justice issues.

by |August 26, 2021

New York City’s Hidden Old-Growth Forests

Scientists are uncovering centuries of climate data and human history from giant old timbers saved from demolished structures.

by |August 2, 2021
A waste-to-energy power plant in Ningbo, China

The U.S. Should Phase Out Landfilling, as China and the E.U. Are Doing

Compared to landfilling, waste-to-energy plants reduce carbon emissions and conserve land. China provides a good example of how waste-to-energy can be expanded.

by Nickolas J. Themelis |May 5, 2021