Earthquake Hazards in Haiti and Jamaica Archives - State of the Planet

sub-bottom profile showing folded strata

Return of the R/V Pelican to Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The expedition discovered stresses along an underwater plate boundary and a record of historic and pre-historic earthquakes, which will shed light on the geohazard risks for Jamaica and Haiti.

by Cecilia McHugh |February 2, 2022
Enriquillo fault bathymetry

Looking at the Seafloor Without Water

Along the Enriquillo fault, large-scale submarine landslides provide possible evidence of earthquakes.

by Cecilia McHugh |January 26, 2022
Storm moon and rough seas along the Jamaica Passage.

High Winds, Rough Seas, and Winch Problems

Researchers studying earthquake hazards in the Caribbean faced several challenges at sea, from rough weather to equipment failures.

by Cecilia McHugh |January 20, 2022
water clouds and city in the distance

Mapping Offshore Faults in Kingston Bay

Motion along these faults is associated with the 1907 Kingston earthquake, which shook the capital of the island with a magnitude of 6.2

by Cecilia McHugh |January 19, 2022
ship in water

The R/V Pelican Sets Sail, and Data Collection Begins

Researchers are mapping the seafloor and subseafloor between Haiti and Jamaica, to evaluate the potential for earthquakes.

by Cecilia McHugh |January 16, 2022