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The Quest to Redesign Washington’s State Flag — and Honor Its Natural Landscape

With imagery representing Puget Sound, the Cascade Ranges, and expansive orchards, a new state flag seeks to foster both pride and preservation.

by Pria Mahadevan and Emily Denny |March 2, 2023
boat and hydrophones from underwater

An Immersive Art Installation Records the Sounds of the Sea

Columbia’s School of the Arts will present Jana Winderen’s “The Art of Listening: Under Water,” February 3-13.

by Eve Glasberg |February 7, 2022
drawing of glacier in whale bay

Emotional Appeal: How Art Can Inspire Action on Climate Change

Climate science tells us how the world is changing. Climate art shapes how we choose to respond.

by Elise Gout |April 20, 2021
art with pink and purple ripples

New Video Merges Art and Climate Science

A research group that projects the effects of our changing climate on agriculture, cities, and ecosystems teamed up with an artist to provide a visual record of the extraordinary time we are living through.

by Cynthia Rosenzweig |February 26, 2021
artistic set of large blue rings on top of snowy peak

Olafur Eliasson’s Latest Creation Combines Art and Science on an Italian Glacier

The renowned artist installed an astronomical device to draw attention to the changing climate at Italy’s Hochjochferner glacier.

by |November 18, 2020

New Storm King Art Exhibit Features Glass, Marble, and Glacial History

Artist Martha Tuttle speaks on her project, titled ‘a stone that thinks of Enceladus,’ and its connection to the glacial landforms of the Hudson Valley.

by |October 7, 2020
wildfire data and art

Using Art as an In-Road to Science and Activism

Artist Jill Pelto, who fuses data and visuals to communicate about climate change, shares her process and reflections.

by Katie Naum |October 1, 2020
newspapers burned and waterlogged

Burning Headlines Kick off a Climate-Coverage Campaign

As part of the Covering Climate Now initiative, an art exhibit transforms climate-related newspaper pages to reflect what’s coming on a human-heated planet.

by |September 17, 2019
outdoor art exhibit

Mixing Art and Environmental Science to Catalyze Social Change

Justin Brice Guariglia explains how he uses art to help people connect with the biggest ecological challenges of our time.

by |May 10, 2019

‘Offsetted’ Art Exhibit Explores Humanity’s Relationship to Trees

A show on campus investigates how trees have been used as pawns in human schemes in and around New York City.

by |May 3, 2019