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beloved beasts book cover

Michelle Nijhuis Wants to Bring Biodiversity Loss to Your Doorstep

Her new book charts the ways conservation is becoming a movement for the protection of all species — foreign and domestic, ugly and cuddly, plant and yes, even human.

by Aldo Defilippi |March 10, 2021
J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera (right) on a tour of a shade-grown coffee farm in the Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Coffee for the Birds: Connecting Bird-watchers With Shade-grown Coffee

A new study explores whether bird-friendly coffee is on the radar of bird watchers: Are they drinking it and, if not, why not?

by |March 2, 2021
a mountain range dusted with snow, featuring words "11 December World Mountain Day"

Celebrating International Mountain Day With Biodiversity Commitments

Member states of the UN gathered to discuss their responsibility to support mountain communities, ecosystems, and COVID-19 recovery.

by |December 17, 2020
monkeys in an urban area

COVID-19 and Biodiversity Loss: How Destruction of the Environment Leads to Pandemics

To protect ourselves from future pandemics, we must rethink humanity’s relationship with nature.

by Arooba Ahmed |November 24, 2020
man in sunglasses near baby elephant

Protecting Biodiversity Requires Action at All Levels

As the U.N. gathers for a biodiversity summit, an alum reminds us that citizens’ actions and voices can make a difference, too.

by Andrés Córdova |September 29, 2020
colorful coral reef with fish

We Must Do Better at Managing the Wilderness that Remains

Humanity is failing at preserving biodiversity. But a book from 2006 offers inspiration and instructions on how to preserve what’s left of it.

by Marco Tedesco |September 21, 2020
elephants in a field crossing a road

Africa’s COVID-19 Recovery Should Harness the Benefits of Nature and Conservation

As the theme for the International Day of Biodiversity states, “Our solutions are in nature.”

by Brighton Kaoma, Alice Ruhweza, and Jeff Worden |May 22, 2020

How Synthetic Biology Can Help the Environment

Artificial and modified organisms could become essential tools to fight climate change, clean up pollution, protect biodiversity, and more.

by |August 14, 2019
dragging seine through water

Great Fish Count Nets Huge Number of Sea Creatures

The annual survey of biodiversity in New York City’s waterways had a great turnout on Saturday.

by |June 5, 2019
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Nonhuman Life Should Be Central to Sustainability Problem-Solving

A dire new U.N. report highlights the importance of including all life in our pursuit to sustain humanity.

by |May 7, 2019