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A forest in India

Using a People-Centered Approach to Design Restoration Projects

A new study proposes a more holistic approach to planning restoration projects that do not “leave people off the map.”

by |March 7, 2023

Is Anyone Paying Attention to the Biodiversity Conference of the Parties?

The 15th United Nations Biodiversity Conference of the Parties (COP15) is underway in Montreal, but compared to the climate change COP, it appears that no one is paying attention.

by |December 12, 2022

Biennial Index Finds the World Is Lagging on Environmental and Climate Goals

A handful of countries, including the United States, may emit half the world’s greenhouse gases by 2050.

by |June 1, 2022

Climate Change Is Destroying Honey Production in Kyrgyzstan

The loss of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is having a devastating impact on water supply for farmers and wildflower pastures, imperiling the country’s renowned honey industry.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 9, 2021

Columbia Climate School’s Non-Degree Offerings for Fall 2021

Starting in fall 2021, the Columbia Climate School will offer non-degree educational programs for high school students and adult learners.

by |September 13, 2021

Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork: 2021 and Beyond

Earth Institute researchers are in the field studying the dynamics of the planet on every continent and every ocean. Here is a list of projects.

by |August 24, 2021

Warming in Norwegian Fjord Causing Changes in Seabird Populations

A recent study examines how shifts in water temperature and coastline glaciers create challenges and opportunities for seabirds in Norway’s Hornsund fjord.

by |April 28, 2021
beloved beasts book cover

Michelle Nijhuis Wants to Bring Biodiversity Loss to Your Doorstep

Her new book charts the ways conservation is becoming a movement for the protection of all species — foreign and domestic, ugly and cuddly, plant and yes, even human.

by Aldo Defilippi |March 10, 2021
J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera (right) on a tour of a shade-grown coffee farm in the Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Coffee for the Birds: Connecting Bird-watchers With Shade-grown Coffee

A new study explores whether bird-friendly coffee is on the radar of bird watchers: Are they drinking it and, if not, why not?

by |March 2, 2021
a mountain range dusted with snow, featuring words "11 December World Mountain Day"

Celebrating International Mountain Day With Biodiversity Commitments

Member states of the UN gathered to discuss their responsibility to support mountain communities, ecosystems, and COVID-19 recovery.

by |December 17, 2020