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With Major Prize, a Project to Turn Carbon Emissions to Stone Gains Momentum

With the award of a 2022 Earthshot prize, new technology to remove carbon from the air by speeding up natural underground chemical reactions moves closer to reality.

by |December 12, 2022
kelp in water

Cultivating Seaweed for Carbon Removal in California: Barriers and Recommendations

Seaweed farms could capture and store carbon emissions. A new paper suggests leasing and permitting changes that could help the industry thrive in California.

by Korey Silverman-Roati |June 29, 2022
wind turbines in the ocean

Offshore Wind Farms Could Capture Carbon From Air and Store It

When the wind can produce more power than is needed, that unused power could be used to remove carbon from the air and lock it away.

by David Goldberg |January 28, 2022
reaction before and after

Reactions That Store Carbon Underground Can Cause Cracking. That’s Good News.

A laboratory experiment found that as CO2 solidified, it caused the rock around it to crack. In real reservoirs, this process could open up space to pump in more CO2.

by |December 14, 2021
home thermostat in grey scale

Beyond Climate Change: What Happens Once We Control the Global Thermostat?

We’re developing the tools to slow and reverse climate change. If we succeed, our species will be managing the planet’s atmosphere indefinitely.

by Kevin Webb |December 14, 2021

Oceans Could Be Harnessed to Remove Carbon From Air, Say U.S. Science Leaders

Seaweed cultivation, altering the chemistry of seawater, or even injecting electrical currents should be studied, say the authors.

by |December 9, 2021
Columbia Engineering professor Daniel Esposito and colleague at microscope

Columbia Launches a Carbontech Initiative to Bring Climate Solutions to Market

The program will help researchers and entrepreneurs develop and scale carbon-cutting technologies.

by |November 17, 2021

Proposed 45Q Tax Credit Reform Could Give a Big Boost to Carbon Capture Projects

Specifically, a direct pay option could help to incentivize carbon capture retrofits in U.S. power plants, according to a new analysis.

by Emeka Ochu |May 6, 2021
wolf in a forest

Want to Grow Forests? Protect Wolves.

Reforestation is an important tool for fixing climate change, and green areas regrow faster and healthier with predators present.

by Kevin Webb |December 15, 2020
list of years and CO2 counter

Columbia University Launches the World’s First ‘Carbon Dioxide Removal Law’ Database

New online resource provides the most comprehensive information to date on legal issues related to carbon dioxide removal, utilization, storage, and transportation.

by |October 8, 2020